Welcome Knights Exemplar!!

You are all part of the Knights Exemplar. Though you come from different backgrounds, you share one thing in common. The gods have brought you low. So low. But now you have a chance for greatness. To serve the greater good, bring the light to the unenlightened, protect the weak and carry out any mission set before you by your prefect with unswerving devotion and focus. There is no greater purpose than to fulfill the goals of your order, with death in their service being the highest honor. Your parents, if in fact they still live, would be very proud of you.

Read further for your next mission assignment:

  • Create and upload a character on this wiki. Please include a story.
  • Notify your handler when this mission is complete, there may be a treat for those who complete their assignments promptly. Bonus points if you can scrounge up a cool picture.
  • Be aware that the favor of the gods is closely linked to that of your handler, as if they share some strange connection. Neither of them reward foolishness or reckless behavior. Creativity, sneakiness and sheer awesomeness will yield great rewards in this world and the next.

2012 Holy Rollers

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